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While we will cover a number of topics in this issue, let’s start with some great news about a new, free benefit available to all employees (you do not need to be enrolled in a Pearson medical plan) to help you navigate the world of health care.

Pearson has partnered with Health Advocate, a service that strives to simplify your health care experience. In other words, Health Advocate can do the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and energy. For instance, their team can connect you with hard to reach specialists and deal with claims/billing concerns on your behalf. Please take a moment to learn more about all the ways this new offering can be of benefit to you and your family, including parents and parents-in-law.

The month of March includes observances about two important health topics: Colorectal Cancer and Nutrition. It’s fitting that these should both be acknowledged during the same time period, as we know that maintaining a healthy diet is crucial in the fight against, not only cancer, but many diseases.

There is an important reminder in this edition about the requirement to use Surgery Decision Support if you are having any of five particular surgeries. This isn’t about trying to tell you whether or not to have a certain procedure. It’s about making sure you know and understand your options to make an informed decision.

Could you use an extra $100 in your pocket? I can’t imagine any of us would say no to that offer, especially when it’s so easy to do! You can earn a gift card for completing a confidential health assessment on the website of one of the national plan administrators. It only takes a few minutes of your time and, with $100 coming your way, consider it an investment in your health.

Finally, I want to remind everyone of Pearson’s free, preventive care benefits. We encourage you and your covered family members to take advantage of annual physicals, screenings and vaccines that can prevent or treat diseases in their earliest stages. So, if you haven’t already done so, make an appointment for your yearly check-up where you can speak with your doctor about any testing or vaccinations you should schedule. It’s important for you and for those who count on you the most.

Be well,

John R. Jacobs, Vice President, Global Benefits