New! Health Advocate

Your Health care Lifeline

Sometimes navigating through the complex world of health care can be frustrating or just takes up so much time. Maybe you need to find a particular specialist or test results are confusing or you are the main caretaker for a parent or parent-in-law with Medicare coverage. For situations like these and many others, we are pleased to introduce a new, free benefit for all employees and their family members – Health Advocate™.

Founded 16 years ago, Health Advocate consists of a team of dedicated professionals including physicians, registered nurses, wellness coaches and benefits/claims specialists. They can help you in many ways from claims/billing concerns to transferring medical records. With Health Advocate in your corner, you are not trying to find your way through the health care maze on your own.

Save yourself a lot of time, energy and stress with these ways (and there are more) that Health Advocate can help.

  • Find the right doctors – Health Advocate will help you locate the right doctors, hospitals, dentists etc. anywhere in the country.

  • Let Health Advocate expedite the earliest appointments with providers, including hard-to-reach specialists and arrange treatments and tests.

  • Turn to Health Advocate for assistance in resolving claims issues, untangling medical bills and coordinating benefits.

  • Are you taking care of a parent or parent-in-law? Health Advocate offers support and information about Medicare and related health care issues.

  • Transferring medical records can be a hassle. Leave it to Health Advocate to take care of the details.

  • The Health Advocate team works on your behalf with insurance companies to obtain appropriate approvals for needed services.

  • Understanding test results, treatments and medications doesn’t have to give you a headache because Health Advocate has the answers.

The Health Advocate benefit is available to you, your spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law 24×7. You do not need to be enrolled in a Pearson medical plan to use this service. You can call 866-695-8622 or visit or download the Smart Phone App at the App Store or Google Play.