Beneficiary Designations

You must take action

As indicated during Open Enrollment, Securian became our Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) plans administrator effective January 1, 2018. In early to mid-April, you will receive a letter at home from Securian containing your current beneficiary designations. You will need to confirm that the information shown in the letter is accurate by going to the Securian website. Your personalized login credentials will be provided in the letter.

Going forward, all of your Life Insurance and AD&D beneficiary designations (including designations for Business Travel Accident) will be housed in Securian’s website, not in Fusion. You will make any changes to your beneficiaries on the Securian website.

If you have not previously named a beneficiary, please take this opportunity to do so. This is an important exercise to ensure that, in the event something happens to you, your loved ones can easily claim the monies you intended for them.

And, while you are verifying your beneficiaries for life insurance, you should consider reviewing your beneficiary designations for the 401(k) Plan. To update your beneficiaries for the 401(k) visit Empower Retirement. After logging in, select “The Pearson Retirement Plan 401(k)” and click on “Beneficiaries” under Account Overview.