Dr. Seuss once asked, “How did it get so late so soon?” That’s a question that so many of us ask ourselves as we struggle to manage all we need to get done. There is so much to juggle with work, children, caring for parents, taking care of our home, that time has a way of escaping us. So, what if there was a way to get back even a small fraction of the time you spend tending to many of life’s details? LifeCare® Concierge Services can do just that – here’s how.

Think of it as you would a concierge in a hotel setting. Their role is to worry about the details for you, which is exactly what this benefit can do. Instead of making a myriad of phone calls or doing research on your own, this free feature will do much of the legwork for you.

Here are a few ways that Concierge Services can help in your daily life:

  • Match your elderly parents with housing options
  • Help with college planning and researching financial aid
  • Help you plan and prepare for a baby, wedding, move, or other major life event
  • Making restaurant, travel or entertainment reservations
  • Comparing prices, locate hard-to-find items, and making purchases

You can also save time by using the wealth of online resources already assembled for you such as:

  • Household: housecleaning services, landscaping services, home repair/improvement, cooking classes, grocery shopping tips, entertainment venues, recipes
  • Financial assistance: paying student loans, financial aid, home/condo mortgages, credit repair services, financial hardship, debt management, budgeting basics 
  • Other life events: funeral planning, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding planning, vacation planning
  • Career support info: on the job success, staying healthy at work, goal setting, graduate and continuing education options, MBA programs, online education, tutoring, learning a new skill

Call 800.450.7171 or visit LifeCare (Registration Code: Pearson) to begin saving time and energy. With a few extra tasks out of the way, you just might be free to do more of the things you truly enjoy.