Nine months, a million questions,

and a...$500 gift card!

*Rebate subject to taxation according to IRS guidelines.

Not everything comes with an instruction manual — especially true for pregnancies and newborns. And while many questions and sleepless nights may arise during your pregnancy, the maternity management programs offered through Anthem and Cigna are here to help.

Future Moms from Anthem, and Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies® from Cigna, will provide helpful information and support throughout those nine months — so you can have a healthy pregnancy, and your baby can have a happy and healthy start.

With nurse coaches and a 24/7 NurseLine, you’ll have access to registered nurses at all times. You read that right — someone will be there to assist you, even at 3 AM.

And remember: different DNA means a different pregnancy.

So even if this isn’t your first baby, these maternity management programs will help you prepare for what’s to come. You’ll be able to worry less while nurses answer those puzzling questions that might come up. That way, you can focus on prepping the nursery and preparing for the arrival of your newest family member!

What’s more, you’ll be rewarded for a good decision.

When you participate and complete the program, you’ll be eligible to receive:

  • A $500* gift card if you enroll by the end of your first trimester; or
  • A $100* gift card if you enroll by the end of your second trimester

*Rebate subject to taxation according to IRS guidelines.

Call Anthem at 1.877.898.0747 or Cigna at 1.800.842.4221 to sign up and see how these maternity management programs can help you and your baby.