Winter 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of For Your Benefit!

The beginning of a new year means a host of new opportunities to evaluate your health and fitness goals. This edition of For Your Benefit has some reminders, along with some news of programs that will be introduced by Pearson Benefits this year.

Get your screenings and physical!

First, let’s start with a couple of reminders. Please make sure to take advantage of the annual physical exams offered at no cost under the Cigna and Anthem medical plans. You will not have any copayment (in-network) or coinsurance (out-of-network) for this service. In addition, screenings for breast, cervical and colon cancers are also covered at 100%. For so many diseases, early detection often results in better treatment options and medical outcomes. Please take advantage of these screenings when your doctor recommends them.

New programs: telemedicine and Guided Patient Support (GPS™)

Now for the new programs. We’re excited to introduce telemedicine to Pearson. It will give our employees quick, convenient access to a doctor via telephone or video—for less than an office-visit copay. Telemedicine will be available for acute, non-emergency medical problems.

We will also offer a service called Guided Patient Support (GPS™) that will help all benefit-eligible employees and their families obtain comprehensive, objective and personalized information and support for any diagnosis or health problem. Given the rapid changes in the healthcare market and in medicine itself, getting the right information is more important than ever for making good decisions about our healthcare. And after all, isn’t educating people what we do at Pearson?

Bob Arthur
Vice President, Benefits