Maternity Management Programs

from Anthem and Cigna

Expecting a baby — whether or not it’s your first—is a time of great excitement, anticipation…and so many questions.

Should you change the foods you eat? Is it safe to keep up your usual exercise program? Can you take a decongestant when you get a cold, or a painkiller for a headache? What’s the best way to battle morning sickness?

Free Programs to help you have a healthy pregnancy

Future Moms (from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield) and Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies® (from Cigna) were created to help you make good choices, so you can get through these important months with more confidence and fewer worries.

Even if you’ve given birth before, every pregnancy is different, and expert advice for expectant moms is always advancing. These programs can be particularly helpful when you have questions you didn’t have time to ask your doctor, or when you need more information about tests or procedures so you can be better informed for your next doctor visit.

With the support of these programs every step of the way, you’ll have your best chance for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

For Future Moms, call Anthem at 1.877.898.0747
For Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies®, call Cigna at 1.800.842.4221

Enroll early, get a great gift.

We feel so strongly about the benefits of these programs, you’ll receive a gift for participating. When you complete the program at the end of your pregnancy, you’ll be eligible to receive:

*Gift card subject to taxation according to IRS guidelines