Most preventive care is covered!

Did you know that under your Pearson medical plans, most preventive care screening services are covered at 100%?

That means screenings such as those for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer, as well as your annual physical, are all covered at 100% (Reasonable and Customary guidelines apply Out-of-Network). So they don’t cost you a thing!

The earlier you know, the better.

Some health problems display warning signs only after a serious condition has already developed. If something is wrong, the earlier you find out, the better. It could be the difference between a simple lifestyle change (like cutting back on fatty foods) and a major ordeal (like triple bypass surgery). And finding something like cancer as early as possible may greatly increase your chances for successful treatment.

At Pearson, we have identified four important screenings that we’d like to get 60% of eligible employees to participate in: breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, and an annual physical. So far, we are still below 50% in each category. Take advantage of these free preventive health care services today.


Preventive versus diagnostic care.

You should note that there is a difference between preventive care and diagnostic care.

Preventive care

Helps protect you from getting sick by looking for early signs of disease

  • If your doctor suggests you have a colonoscopy because of your age, that’s preventive care.
Diagnostic care

Used to find the cause of existing illnesses

  • If your doctor suggests a colonoscopy to see what’s causing a set of symptoms you’re having, that’s diagnostic care, and you may need to pay part of the cost.

To find out which preventive care services are covered at 100%, visit the Pearson Benefits website at