Books for a healthier and fuller life

The Fat Chance Cookbook

More than 100 Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes to Help You Lose the Sugar and the Weight

By Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL with Heather Millar Recipes by Cindy Gershen Hudson Street Press 2013 – 288 pages

A companion volume to the author’s New York Times bestseller, Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity and Disease, this collection of more than 100 recipes will help you drastically reduce your sugar intake to improve your health.

Pediatrician Robert Lustig, MD, is one of the leading voices in the fight against childhood obesity. Check out his YouTube video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”- it has been viewed over two million times. Besides low-sugar recipes, this volume includes a wealth of meal plans, nutritional analyses and shopping tips, as well as advice on how to read food labels in order to spot and avoid hidden sugars in foods.

The Art of Doing

How Superachievers Do What They Do, and How They Do It So Well

By Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield Plume 2013 – 320 pages

How have other people made it to the top of their chosen field? The husband-and-wife team of journalist Camille Sweeney and artist Josh Gosfield wanted to find out so they can help you make it to the top of yours. They asked dozens of superachievers, both famous and less widely known, “How do you do what you do? Their subjects range widely, from baseball legend Yogi Berra to hostage negotiator Gary Noesner, alien hunter Jill Tarter, puzzle master Will Shortz, and actress Laura Linney.

Although the authors were looking for unique qualities, they were surprised to find many commonalities in their subjects’ stories—core principles and practices that helped all these people get where they are today. The authors were able to distill these common elements into useful strategies that will inform and inspire you to achieve your goals.