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News of Note

Staying Safe in the Summer

Stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays with these helpful reminders.

Focus on Protecting your Eyes

Keep your eyes safe in summer’s light, and see savings offered through VSP that you can take advantage of today.

A Prescription for Good Health

Learn about our new prescription plan administrator CVS/Caremark through some helpful FAQs.

Stop Drowning in the Details

Save more time for you with LifeCare® Concierge Services – helping you with everyday tasks and planning for big life events.

A New Benefit Beginning July 1

How can you protect two of your most valuable assets? See how MetLife can help.

A Quick Review Just For You

Need a breakdown of your coverage? We’ll spell it out for you.

The One Test You’ll Want To Take…

Check your health in a few quick steps, and get rewarded in return.

Open Enrollment 2014

How to make the best benefit elections for you and your family during Open Enrollment 2014.

Health Care Reform & VSP Changes

Get the 411 on what health care reform means to you, and learn about changes to VSP

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