A mom-to-be's tips on saving money and

getting great guidance during her pregnancy

I enrolled in the Future Moms Program soon after I found out I was expecting and have to admit that I was mostly focused on the $150 Babies R Us gift card! Yet, I have been very pleasantly surprised and impressed with the program, the quality of care I’ve received and the help and resources they’ve provided to guide me during my pregnancy. 

As this will be my first child, I naturally have a lot of questions and am unsure of what to expect. Through the Future Moms program I have a personal health coach/nurse who calls me monthly to check in on my progress.

They have all of my personal health information and ask questions to make sure I’m on track with the pregnancy. I come away from each call feeling more confident about my pregnancy and often share the tips they tell me with other friends who are expecting! I have also proactively called the 24/7 Nurse Line for questions when I wanted an immediate answer but didn’t want to wait for an appointment with my doctor. The calls with the Future Moms nurses are also longer and more in-depth than my regular ob/gyn appointments and are a nice compliment to the in-person visits I have with my regular provider. I would tell any expectant parents to not miss out on this benefit! You also get a free book, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, and a maternity care diary.

Other Pearson benefits I didn’t know about until I was pregnant are the free breast pump offered through our insurance. The one I’ve ordered is valued at over $200 if purchased on your own. Another benefit to not forget about is LifeCare’s program for expectant parents which offers resources and some free gifts. There are a lot of offerings for expectant parents so don’t miss out!

Maureen Schwartz

Maureen Schwartz, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Senior Human Resources Manager