Welcome to the June Edition

of For Your Benefit

Since May is Mental Health Month, this issue looks at attitudes toward mental illness. With one in five Americans dealing with a mental health problem, we can have a positive impact just by the way we talk about the topic. There is more to learn inside about this and other health and benefits news including…

We examine the stigma associated with mental illness to better understand how our behavior, often a result of our lack of knowledge, can impact those who need help. Please consider taking the StigmaFree Pledge on the National Mental Health Alliance website, as a sign of your commitment to changing misconceptions about mental illness.

There’s also an article about postpartum depression, a mood disorder afflicting 15% of moms in the US. Find out about the causes, the symptoms, the impact on the entire family and the treatment options available.

Pearson offers many ways to get help with mental illness. Take a moment to learn how your benefits can help, some of which do not require that you be enrolled in a specific plan.

In addition, there is a slight change to the Short-Term Disability plan design and new claims process. These benefits are provided to help you so it’s very important to understand how they work and what to do, just in case.

Lastly, we want to make you aware that May is also National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. We all know that physical activity is an important factor in our overall health. There is information provided for all age levels about the frequency and types of exercise we need.

We’ll be back in the fall with information about the many new benefit offerings for 2019. Until then, we will be in touch through our eHealth messages. In the meantime, I wish you and your families an enjoyable and safe summer where you can recharge your batteries – it’s a good thing for both our physical and mental health.

Be well,

John R. Jacobs, Vice President, Global Benefits