New Disability

Partner and Design

Beginning July 1, 2018, Liberty Mutual will handle the administration of Pearson’s disability coverage, both Short-Term and Long-Term. As always, Pearson Benefits searches for providers for our plans that offer the best service and value for both you and Pearson. With Liberty Mutual, we see an opportunity to simplify the management of our disability program and provide improved, easier to access service for you. Among the advantages for you are:

  • Direct access to claims professionals at one of four regional claims centers
  • Multiple options to report a disability, using the technology most convenient for you
  • Online access to claims details at any time of the day or night

Our new Short-Term disability plan will no longer be based on the number of years of service at Pearson. Beginning July 1, 2018, the length of time you will receive benefits and the percentage of your salary you will get is as follows:

Benefit Level

Weeks Paid at 100% 13

Weeks Paid at 66.66%12

While we will be switching to Liberty Mutual, much of the process for disability benefits remains the same. Here are some reminders to make the claim process run smoothly:

  • Whenever possible, begin the claim process at least thirty (30) days prior to or as soon as you can of a planned illness/injury. If you are unable to call due to your disability, someone else can call on your behalf. They must have your date of birth and home address available.
  • Ensure the treating physician provides the appropriate medical documentation to Liberty Mutual in a timely manner. STD benefits may be delayed or denied if the appropriate medical documentation is not submitted promptly.
  • If you are on disability/leave due to the birth/adoption of a child, please visit:
    myCloud > myHR > HR Systems > Fusion > Benefits > Record Life Events > Child events > Gain dependent child(ren) or call Pearson People Services (PPS) at 1-877-311-0948 to add your child to your medical coverage within 31 days of the event. If your child is not added within the 31-day period, you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment period.
  • Obtain a written consent (medical release) from the treating physician prior to returning to work. Without a release, you will be sent home without pay until a release is received.
  • Maintain contact with your manager and Leave Coordinator while on leave.