Welcome to this edition of For Your Benefit!

Pearson Benefits is constantly looking at programs and plans that might be helpful to you and also a
sound business decision for the company. As a result, I am particularly pleased to bring you good news in this edition of For Your Benefit about a new benefit being rolled out shortly.

I am pleased to tell you that you will have the opportunity to purchase home and auto coverage through MetLife beginning in July. Through payroll deductions, you will be able to protect two of your most valuable assets – no more checks to write or online payments to make and you have MetLife’s 140 years of service in the insurance business behind you. So, stay tuned for further information coming to your home about when you will be able to enroll in this new benefit.

Good news does not always have to be about something new or different. In this magazine, we will take a look at important benefits already available to you such as coverage for mental health issues. After all, May is National Mental Health Month, a perfect time to remind you that Pearson Benefits has you and your family members covered should a need for treatment and support arise. Whether it’s LifeCare, our Employee Assistance Program or our medical plans, Pearson offers you the comfort of knowing that your benefits can help. At Pearson we consider mental health an equal partner with physical well-being and, as such, encourage everyone to learn about the coverage available.

Of course, there is much more inside this issue such as:

  • Learn how you can earn a gift card whether it is by completing your Health Risk Assessment or as part of the Anthem and Cigna programs for expectant mothers.
  • Understand more about the basics of Medicare. Even if you are not nearing age 65, it could be a great help to someone you know.
  • $15.5MM – what is this number all about? Read on to learn why it’s a good thing.
  • Register with MDLIVE, our telehealth service. This program puts a doctor by your side for those times when your regular doctor may not be available. Let MDLIVE help.

Thank you for your time. We’ll be back in the fall with another newsletter, but we will stay connected through our e-Health messages so watch your inbox. Enjoy your spring and summer!

Bob Arthur
Vice President, Global Benefits