And one can earn you

a $100 gift card!

The Care Management programs offered through Anthem and Cigna provide one-on-one health and wellness support for all types of health concerns, including care for chronic conditions, cancer support and so much more. For details about the program, please review the brochure that applies to you.


It is so easy to earn a $100 gift card — so what are you waiting for? Complete Anthem or Cigna’s Health Assessment by logging on to or and answering some questions to find out which areas of your health are rock-solid, and whether there are any at-risk areas to keep an eye on.

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Whether this is your first baby or you already have other little ones at home – and congratulations in either case – Future Moms from Anthem, and Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies® from Cigna can provide helpful information and support so you can have a healthy pregnancy, and your baby can have the best start. What’s more, you’ll be rewarded for your participation. When you complete the program, you will be eligible to receive:

  • A $500* gift card if you enroll by the end of your first trimester; or
  • A $100* gift card if you enroll by the end of your second trimester

Call Anthem at 1.877.898.0747 or Cigna at 1.800.842.4221 to sign up today!

*Rebate subject to taxation according to IRS guidelines.


For most of us, trying to make heads or tails of medical lingo is next to impossible and it is even more difficult when you or a loved one receives a diagnosis requiring extensive treatment. There is the terminology to deal with, obtaining a second opinion, and the wish that there was somewhere to go to get reliable answers for questions such as:

  • What do I have? Help confirming the diagnosis you’ve been given is correct.
  • What do I need? Help understanding your treatment options and confirming that the one being recommended is the best one.
  • Where do I go? Help getting to the leading doctors and hospitals for your care.
  • What does it cost? Help learning how to shop for your care so you get the best quality and price and save money.
  • How do I connect? Help building a strong support network with your family, friends, and other patients through local and online communities.

Fortunately, Pearson Benefits offers Guided Patient Support (or GPS for short) which provides answers to these questions and will help you plan a route that will ease the burden for you.

Click here to learn more about this confidential and free service or call 1.888.361.3944 (toll-free) Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET