Let's Talk About It-

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10, provides an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. The burden of mental disorders continues to grow with significant impacts on health and major social, human rights and economic consequences in all countries of the world.

Key Facts

  • There are many different mental disorders with different presentations including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia and developmental disorders such as autism.
  • There are effective strategies for preventing and treating mental disorders. Sadly, many suffer in silence due to the stigma of shame that often accompanies such illnesses.

Your Pearson Benefits Can Help

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental illness, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help (you do not need to be enrolled in a Pearson health plan to access this benefit). Through the EAP, you and family members who live with you, have access to unlimited phone counseling and up to five face-to-face or video-based counseling sessions per issue per year. It’s all completely confidential.

To reach the EAP by phone, call 1.800.593.4138, employer ID: pearson

Crisis Corner

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or Text “BRAVE” to 731731 to access free and confidential support 24×7.