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The annual, national Breast Cancer Awareness Month does so many good things. It raises funds for research and support, educates the public and brings millions together on a mission to find a cure.

Talk to your doctor about what is the best age for you to begin having a mammogram and the frequency of follow-up testing. Don’t forget that Pearson covers preventive screenings ,which includes mammograms, at 100% with no copay. That’s right—it’s free so, follow your doctor’s advice and be tested at no cost to you.

Dr. Joe Explains… How Breast Cancer
is Like a Dandelion

By Dr. Joseph Hofmeister, Dr. Erin Macrae
Dr. Joe Explains (publisher) | 2017–232 pages

Oncologist and Hematologist, Dr. Joe Hofmeister focuses on treating the whole patient. Dr. Joe learned that much of his patients’ fear came from a lack of knowledge and understanding about their medical condition, so he created simple, helpful ways to explain it.