Get informed and start

the year off right

For the first time in nearly a decade, there will be changes to the plans we offer. We want you to know how these changes will affect your coverage so you can choose the best plan for 2015.

We will no longer offer the EPO as an option, so be sure to choose a new plan during Open Enrollment. In addition, both the Basic PPO and Enhanced PPO plans are new for 2015. We are making some changes that will accomplish a couple of things. First, they bring the plans a bit closer to what we are seeing in the marketplace while still remaining competitive and generous. Second, this will help us to manage our costs responsibly while still helping employees and their dependents with the care they need. As a result, you’ll see some slight changes in costs and coverage. These changes are also happening due to the Affordable Care Act, which impacts coverage for screenings and wellness, women’s contraceptive health, and Rx services.

If you don’t make an active election you will default to the Basic PPO for 2015 and continue with the same administrator (Cigna or Anthem) and coverage level (single, family, etc.) as you have today, which may not be the exact coverage you want. Making an active choice will ensure you get the best fit for your unique healthcare needs.

For those enrolled in the Out of Area Plan and Kaiser HMO, information on plan changes can be found online at