Books for a healthier and fuller life

The New Rules of Running

Five Steps to Run Faster and Longer for Life

By Vijay Vad M.D. and Dave Allen Avery Trade 2014 – 272 pages

Whether you’re a beginner, trying to reach a new goal, recovering from an injury or just getting in shape, this definitive guide will help make you a faster and healthier runner. Renowned sports medicine specialist Vijay Vad offers up fun and exciting advice in The New Rules of Running to educate you on injury-free running and racing. With training schedules designed by coach and two-time NYC Marathon Champion, Tom Fleming, you’ll be on your way to accomplishing your running goals. Packed with tips on strengthening exercises, nutrition and hydration, this guide will keep you on your feet and on the fast track.


An 8-Week Anti-Inflammatory Diet that Will Change the Way You Age, Look & Feel

By Ivy & Andrew Larson Berkley Hardcover 2013 – 496 pages

A shocking diagnosis of being in the early stages of MS brought a certified Health Fitness Specialist and a doctor together to find a healthier way to treat chronic diseases. Developed by Ivy and Andrew Larson, Clean Cuisine offers insight to those looking for natural ways to reverse diabetes, improve cholesterol and blood pressure, and ease the symptoms of other inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies, and arthritis. Covering all the bases – food we should eat and food that tastes good – this book is broken down into eight easy steps and spread over the course of eight weeks with a focus on plant-forward nutrition, so that you can lead a healthy, natural life.