A new year means new coverage

Both of our medical plans have fine-tuned their coverage to meet the new regulations and realities of what people use and need. In many cases, that means more coverage for you and your family. Here is a snapshot of key things that will change in screenings and wellness, Rx services, and women’s contraceptive health. Full details are available through the links provided below.


We’ve got you covered. While we have
been covering many preventive services
at 100% for the past few years, 100%
coverage will now be offered for a wider range
of specialized screenings and counseling services.
Go to pearsonbenefitsus.com/2015benefits
for a comprehensive list of services and how
they’re covered.


To meet Affordable Care Act requirements, many over-the-counter (OTC) prescription products that were not previously covered, are covered in 2015. These include products such as aspirin and folic acid. For 100% coverage, the OTC products must be accompanied by a prescription from a provider or they may not be covered at all.

Women’s Health

Under the 2015 PPO plans, oral contraceptives, emergency contraception and barrier methods are all 100% covered. Additionally, surgical sterilization procedures are 100% covered both in- and out-of-network (up to reasonable and customary limits).

For a complete list of Rx coverage and women’s contraceptive services, go to pearsonbenefitsus.com/2015benefits