Books for a healthier and fuller life

Healthy Tipping Point

A Powerful Program for a Stronger, Happier You

By Caitlin Boyle The Penguin Group 2012 – 368 pages

A popular health blogger shares her powerful philosophy and practical advice on finding your ideal balance in food, fitness, and life. She shows how to challenge negative thought patterns, move past traditional diet advice to focus on healthy, energizing eating, and get onboard with an empowering exercise routine you will love. She includes 20 success stories to demonstrate that true transformation is attainable, as well as delicious vegetarian recipes and specific guidance for novice runners, bikers, and swimmers.
This is a book that will get you started towards lifelong wellness.

The Five Essentials

Using Your Inborn Resources to Create a Fulfilling Life

By Bob Deutsch, PhD and Lou Aronica The Penguin Group 2013 – 288 pages

Cognitive neuroscientist, anthropologist, and entrepreneur Bob Deutsch believes that most of us set the bar too low in our personal and professional lives. He thinks we could achieve far more of our goals by making full use of 5 essential inner resources: curiosity, openness, sensuality, paradox and self-story. Filled with inspiring stories and fascinating interviews with high achievers like Wynton Marsalis, Richard Feynman, and Anna Quindlen, this book can help you turn the full, creative, dynamic life you dream of into reality.