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Tools to help you be an empowered saver and investor.

The Pearson Retirement Plan offers a broad selection of investments and the chance to choose the level of investment advice you want and need. Make sure to take advantage of the chance to save the most you can — and check out these special Pearson financial planning offerings:

JP Morgan Personal
Asset Manager

A fee-based program that uses sophisticated financial models and the latest research to diversify and monitor your retirement account for you.

Personal Online Advisor

Get free personalized recommendations and advice when you log on at

To find out more, please call:

J.P. Morgan at 1-800-345-2345
and press #0 to speak to a representative.

Here’s how Personal Asset Manager works:
  • The JP Morgan Personal Asset Manager Program evaluates your unique profile and creates an investment strategy just for you

  • You review your strategy prior to implementation

  • The program monitors your account and performs transactions as needed to keep your account properly diversified and in line with your retirement goals

  • You will receive Quarterly Progress Reports

Are You On Track For Retirement?

This free tool will help you find out.

Retirement Dream Machine, powered by Financial Engines, is an interactive online tool that gives you a personal retirement forecast in today’s dollars.

To access this tool, log into and click on the blue Dream Machine box on the right.