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Welcome to the Open Enrollment edition of For Your Benefit where you can find out what’s new for 2020 while also learning about help for new moms coming back to work, important health observances this fall and more. Let’s start with what is changing/staying the same or brand new for next year.

While your Pearson plan options and coverage will remain the same for next year, we are making a change in who can be covered in these plans. Beginning January 1, 2020 we will offer coverage to same and opposite sex domestic partners. To learn more about this offering, click here.

As we do every year, we evaluate the cost of our plans and at this time we share the changes to your per paycheck contributions for the upcoming year. Pearson continues its average contribution of 80% toward the cost of medical coverage while employees contribute 20%, in aggregate. Employees enrolled in the national medical plans (those administered by Anthem, Cigna and Aetna) will see an increase of 6.8% which, on average, equals an $18.53 per month increase. Part-time enrollees in Kaiser will experience an increase of about $25 per month. Delta Dental PPO and Cigna DHMO will increase 1.5% and 5%, respectively. Cost for all other offerings are unchanged for 2020.

An important note for Open Enrollment is that The Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts and Commuter/Parking elections do not transfer over from year to year. If you are participating in any of these accounts, you must make an election for 2020, even if you want to continue the same amount per paycheck for next year.

When maternity leave comes to an end the transition back to work should be as easy as possible for our working moms. That’s why, through our partners at LifeCare®, Pearson offers several resources to help with some of the important things. Learn more here about breastfeeding and child care resources offered to you at no cost.

Because Pearson offers so many benefits we can’t cover everything in one newsletter, so I encourage you to use all the resources — this newsletter, the Pearson Benefits website and Pearson Benefits Marketplace. You will find the information you need not only for Open Enrollment, but to help you make the most of the many plans and programs available to you throughout the year.

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