Returning from maternity leave

Make it Easier on Yourself

For any new mom, returning to your job after maternity leave can be stressful. There is the worry about being away from your infant, the concerns if you are breastfeeding and, of course, making sure you have the best child care possible. The good news is that Pearson Benefits, together with our partners at LifeCare®, have helpful programs to help make the transition back to work easier and give you peace of mind.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, LifeCare® has board-certified lactation consultants available to help with stress, weaning your child, developing a pumping schedule for work, communicating with managers to set expectations and more.

LifeCare® can also help via MilkShip, which gives working mothers who travel the ability to safely ship their breast milk home with an easy to use, secure kit delivered directly to its proper destination.

With a bit of advance planning, and commitment, you can make the transition back to work and continue to breastfeed. The free Mothers Work Kit from LifeCare® can help you prepare. Among the items in the kit are:

  • Magnet with breast milk storage guidelines
  • Diary for documenting an infant’s milk intake/output
  • Hand sanitizer gel
  • Microwave steam cleaning bags for breast pump parts and accessories
  • Cleaning wipes for breast pumps and accessories

LifeCare® knows that leaving your child in capable hands is a top priority for you as you make your return to work. Through their services, specialists can provide you with knowledge and assistance in finding the right full-time child care. Experts can help you with questions to ask, what you need to know about reference checks and more.

If you already have care in place but have an unexpected absence by your caregiver, LifeCare® can help you find temporary coverage at a reasonable rate with their Backup Care program. You have access to highly credentialed center-based and in-home care providers nationwide. Reach out to LifeCare at 800-450-7071 or visit LifeCare® to learn more about all of the above.

Here’s a tip. The Backup Care services provided at LifeCare can also help you with finding substitute care for those seniors in your life that you may be caring for.

As your infant ages, be sure to check out the numerous articles, videos and webinars available on the LifeCare® website, covering many topics associated with child-rearing to gain some helpful tips on parenting.