Coverage for Same and Opposite Sex Domestic Partners

Beginning in 2020, Pearson is offering you the opportunity to enroll your same or opposite sex domestic partner in Pearson’s health and welfare plans. Here are a few important things to note about this coverage:

  • If you choose to include your domestic partner under your Pearson coverage, he or she will be required to sign an Affidavit of Spousal Equivalency prior to accessing coverage.
  • In addition to completing an Affidavit of Spousal Equivalency you must submit proof that you and your spousal equivalent reside together and that you are financially interdependent.
  • You can access the Affidavit of Spousal Equivalency here.
  • When selecting coverage for your partner, imputed income rules apply. Imputed income is the value of non-monetary compensation given to employees in the form of benefits. That means you will pay income tax and Social Security payroll tax on the portion of the insurance premium that Pearson contributes to your policy. This income is added to your gross wages so that taxes can be withheld.

If you have questions, you can contact the Pearson Benefits Marketplace at 855-237-6421. Remember to have your domestic partner’s social security number and birth date easily accessible when you begin enrollment.