Dealing with a serious or chronic illness?

There’s Help!

This is a good time to remind you of the ways in which your benefits can help you manage a serious or chronic illness or, on a happier note, an upcoming birth. Even better, these benefits are all offered at no cost to you.

Care Management Programs

Through Cigna, Anthem and Aetna, you have access to many resources including:

  • NurseLine 24/7 where you can speak with a Registered Nurse any time.
  • Programs for expectant mothers like Future Moms with Anthem and Healthy Babies, Healthy Pregnancies® available through Cigna and Beginning Right through Aetna.

See what other resources you can benefit from with Anthem, Aetna and Cigna.

Consumer Medical

ConsumerMedical is designed to help all benefit-eligible employees (you do not have to be enrolled in a Pearson medical plan to access this service) and their household members get current, comprehensive, objective and personalized information (including treatment options) and support about any medical diagnosis or health topic. Read this brochure to get a better understanding of what assistance ConsumerMedical can provide to you and your family.

If you are enrolled in one of the national medical plans, you must participate in the Surgery Decision Support (SDS) program administered by ConsumerMedical if you or your covered dependent, age 18 or older, have a physician-confirmed diagnosis and recommendation for hip replacement, low back surgery, knee replacement, hysterectomy or weight loss surgery (emergencies excluded). Not doing so will result in paying an additional $1,000 at the time your claim is processed. Click here to get a better idea of how the program works.